Documents to be submitted

Application documents

Be sure to prepare and submit the following materials by the application deadline of each course.
Also, please pay a registration fee of 20,000 JPY at the time of application.
Regardless of the applicant ‘s nationality etc,please submit the following documents.
※ It is mainly for Chinese students, however other ones from overseas take the same steps.
Also, please be sure to put date and sign in the blank space for photocopied documents.

Required documents

Required documents about the student
1.Application form (available from our website)
2.CV (available from our website)
3.Reason for study (available from our website)
4.6 ID photos (4cm x 3cm)※Photocopied pictures are not accepted
5.Final education certificate document (ex. diploma: original), graduation photograph (group photo) and transcript
6. Photocopies of “Resident’s booklet” issued by Ministry of Public Security (current situation such as occupation is stated as is) (※ China only) “Resident’s card” and “Family register” (current address must be indicated)
7.Certificate of JLPT N4 or higher and a certificate of Japanese language learning (one that proves that you have studied over 150 hours: required for all Japanese schools you enrolled)
8.Proof of incumbency (if employed)
9.Proof of income (if employed)
10.A photocopy of passport (passport holder)

* Accreditation certification is required for college graduates (including 2-year college). Please contact “CDGDC” (TEL: 010-6891-4154).
*Grading certification is required for high school graduates (China). Please apply to “CDGDC”

In case your sponsor lives abroad
A.Expenses Payment Form (avail. from our website)
B.Official documents of the sponsor and the applicant (“Resident’s card”, “Family register” etc.)
C.Photocopies of resident cards for all family members
D.Certificate of deposit balance
E.Photocopies of documents showing the details of deposits and withdrawals such as a bank book
F.Certificate of employment of the supporter
G.Certificate of income of the supporter (past 3 years)
H.Business license (in case the sponsor is a business owner)
I.Tax certificate (past 3 years)
In case the sponsor lives in Japan
a. Expense Payment Form (avail. from our website)
b. The sponsor’s residents’ card and Alien Registration Card
c. Relationship notarization document (a document showing the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant) such as Family register, etc.
d. Certificate of deposit balance
e. Photocopies of documents showing the details of deposits and withdrawals such as a bank book
f. Certificate of incumbent of the supporter or transcript of corporate register
g. Certificate of income of the supporter (past 3 years) *If you have any supplementary documents, etc. on the above documents, please submit them together.

Mailing address and contact information

Nagano 21 Japanese Language School
1318 Hara Kawanakajima-machi, Nagano-shi, Nagano Prefecture 381-2224
TEL: 026-283-5435 FAX: 026-283-5463