Campus Life

Spring: Sakura cherry blossoms viewing

Don’t miss the blooming season of Sakura cherry blossom in Japan. Every April, we’ll all go out to see Sakura cherry blossoms.
Each student can get to know others and share information about learning Japanese.


Spring: Let’s make and eat soba!

Nagano is one of the top-ranked soba producing regions in Japan. Buck wheat or soba grown with Nagano’s fertile soil and crystal clear water adds an extra elasticity when kneaded strongly, which makes the soba delicious.
You can actually try kneading soba dough, flattening it and cutting it, and after that you can eat soba with others.
Nagano is one of the few places where you can experience something like this.


Summer: Pottery making

We invite a famous ceramicist to school and learn how to make cups, pen stands and plates.
You can make your own creation of pottery by kneading, adjusting its thickness and coloring in your way.
It takes about two weeks for your pottery to be delivered to you as your pottery teacher brings your products back to the workshop and puts them into its oven.

Summer: Emergency drill day

We visit Nagano Disaster Information Center. The earthquake simulator there might scare you a lot if you have never experienced a magnitude 7 earthquake.
A fire drill with a fire extinguisher and an evacuation drill from a maze-like structure filled with smoke.
Those drills surely get you ready so that you can act without panicking.


Autumn: Sports day

Nagano’s autumn is perfect for exercising.
Students from all the courses get together and enjoy sports so that you can make more friends and refresh your mind.
Every year we play badminton. A winner receives a special prize.


Winter: Bowling day

We go out to play bowling before the winter break starts. Players with high scores are awarded with nice prizes.


Winter: Speech day

Presenters deliver speeches regarding your opinions in Japanese in front of a large audience. It’s a great opportunity to present how much progress you have made in learning Japanese.
Not only the speech but also how well you handle questions will be assessed. Maybe stressful, but worth trying. Have fun!


Jun & Nov: Exam for studying abroad

Getting into your desired college or university is up to how well you do in this examination.
Study hard to be top scorers. You might be awarded with scholarships.

Jul & Dec: JLPT

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test or JLPT is held. N1 is the most difficult level.
Don’t worry too much. We got you covered. Preparing for the test is part of our curriculum. Make sure to always listen to your teachers with full attention and study hard. Fingers crossed for your successfully getting the certificate.